Good afternoon all.  

It’s a Monday afternoon in my part of the world.  As I type this, I’ve got 12 minutes until the clock strikes 5:00pm and I’m free to go home.  And honestly, I shouldn’t be “blogging”, but I am quite useless right now.  I’ve worked hard all day, skipped my lunch, and only stepped away from my desk to empty my bladder, and eat three mini cupcakes in order to sustain some level of sanity.  And so, now I have absolutely no energy left to devote to things that are work related.

The only thing keeping me awake right now is typing these words.  So get off my back already!  In fact it’s probably in my work place’s best interest that I practice my writing and typing skills.  This is money well spent for them. I’m doing them a favour.  You’re welcome!

Anyway, what is the point of this nonsense…Oh.  Now I remember.  I’m f-ing tired.  

It all started this morning.  I was laying in bed, wishing that I had another hour or so to sleep.  Just one hour.  It’s not that much to ask.  But I did the math in my head.  I have to be at work for 9:00am, and it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work, and it takes me about 20 minutes to look decent, but I also had to factor in the shower I needed to take, which adds another 20 minutes.  I contemplated not including the shower time, but then remembered that I couldn’t remember the last time I took a shower, so I was probably going to need to take one, or else be confused on the subway as a hobo.  Or a hipster.

After I did the math, there was no denying the facts of the situation.  It was time to get up.  Whether I was tired or not.  So I got up.  But as I got up, I asked the universe “WHY?”  Why does it matter that I get to work for 9 in the morning.  Who came up with this system.  Why not 10am?  Or even 9:30am.  Who came up with this arbitrary time, and why do we all have to conform?!  

I checked the internet on that, and got tired trying to find an answer.  I was looking for a scientific or historical answer, but instead found articles from other people complaining about how they don’t see the necessity for starting work at 9am.  I’m shocked I’m not the first to trail blaze this particular topic.

But all I was looking for was a name, or something.  Like Sir Earlybird Rising of Scotland told his people that “hence forth, the work day shall begin at 9:00am”, and then I could blame him.  I’d have some name to curse in the morning.  “Damn you Sir Earlybird!  If it weren’t for you, I’d be napping right now!”, and so on and so forth.  

But I didn’t find any name, or interesting fact.  Just a whole lot of people wondering the same thing as me.  So I won’t waste my typing energy on it any further.  Instead, I’ll focus on what my real issue is.  

I’m tired.  And I’m ready to go home.  And look, it’s past 5:00pm now!  I’m free to go home.  And once I get home, and hang out with the kid until his bedtime, and then hang out with the husband until his bedtime, and then lay in bed thinking too many things, so that it takes me at least an hour to get to sleep, I’ll finally get my wish and get some much deserved sleep.


Or maybe I’ll just rest my head here on this keyboard for a moment.  

Good night…

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