Happy New Year!/?

Good day non-existent readers.

We’re almost a month in to the new year, and wowwie zowwie, 2015 seems to be a wild one. For me, anyway. I don’t want to bore you, so I’ll stick with the highlights:

1. had my first ultrasound and was relieved to see a healthy little baby chillaxing in my uterus.

2. announced my pregnancy as my boss was about to lay me off, thwarting the firing, and annoying HR because now they need to find a new job for me.

3. had soul sucking meeting with HR that made me feel as though I was the scum of the earth, resulting in emotional breakdown once I got home.

4. started swimming lessons, and swimming laps; I plan on being a sexy pregnant lady this time around.

5. my toddler finally started shitting in the toilet again; I now believe there is a God. A poo god, anyway.

6. learned that waiting for HR to assign me to another job is probably what purgatory is like.

7. realized that although it sucks to be a victim of an attempted lay-off, I’m going to be just fine. At some point. If I don’t think about it too much.

8. found out my friend is engaged, and was asked to be the maid of honour.

9. found out another friend is engaged, but she’s been distant and I feel my recent exclusion from her life means she is done being my friend.

10. felt my baby move for the first time. It was wonderful.

11. Learned that another friend’s father lost his battle with cancer, adding to the list of good people that cancer has taken from the world too soon. (note: I miss my mother in law).

And that concludes the highlights of my first month of 2015. It certainly hasn’t been boring. It’s been exhausting.

I had originally planned on continuing my thoughts and ruminations on the impact these events have had on my life, but I don’t think I can any more. I’m still in the thick of it, so it’s too soon. Besides, it’s taking all of my energy to stay positive, and feel thankful for all the wonderful things in my life. Because I know that I’m a lucky girl, who like anyone else, has bouts of bad luck. And like anyone else, I need time to deal with those bouts of bad luck or else I’m going to turn into one of those people who pretend that everything is wonderful all the fucking time, until I finally crack, have a mental breakdown, refuse to vaccinate my children, join the church of Scientology, start praying to Xenu and voting for Stephen Harper. The horror…


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